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Diablo 3 Farming Tips for More Legendary Items

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The most common endgame scenario for Diablo 3 is usually farming for legendary items, set items and materials that you need to get the kind of gear you want.

For players who have all day to run around Rifts and Bounties, they can simply play to their hearts? content. But for players who have limited time to play, they need to optimize their gameplay the best they can so they get a good haul after a few hours’ run.

So how do you farm for Legendaries and Set Items in the most optimized way? I?d like to think that it?s a matter of considering the following:

  1. Not dying. When you die, you lose time since you have to respawn and repair your items. Failing an elite fight on a bounty or a Rift guardian is not only a hassle, it?s a mistake.
  2. Number of kills over a period of time. You get items from monsters. Even if it isn?t a unique or set item, you get your crafting materials from the white, yellow and blue items they drop.
  3. Maximizing your time in-game. When you?re farming, your efforts have to be focused on the task. Walking, dead zones in the map and catching up with your team are going to take time away from killing monsters and farming items. Walking speed is actually very important.
  4. Luck. There are some extremely bountiful runs and runs that just suck, no matter how you optimize.
  5. Party members. How well your team works with the difficulty setting and monster density is crucial to keeping your kill rate at maximum.


So how do you take all of these into consideration to create an optimized run for farming? First, make sure your DPS is good.?Here are some Diablo 3 farming tips:

  1. It?s not about Magic Find, it?s about Speed. Relying on chance to get you your items isn?t going to help. You need to kill the most mobs and elites as fast as you can without dying. You need to kill the most monsters and elites in the shortest amount of time.
  2. Prioritize movement speed after DPS. Even if you?re the tank, you need to contribute to party damage even at the expense of more potions, heals and resource management. After that, make sure you move as fast as you can. The faster you walk or run, the sooner you get to the enemies.
  3. Have good AoE. Area of effect skills kill more monsters in less time, so if you?re in a DPS role or something close to that, spam the AoE.
  4. Teleport when you can. It?s much faster to when you teleport to your team when you?re done with your business in town. If you get separated in a Rift or Bounty, it?s better to teleport to where more monsters are than to run to your friends.
  5. If you?re dying too often then you?re doing something wrong. If your party wipes or you die too often, change your build or lower the difficulty. Your death and repairs are slowing your farming down.


Diablo 3 is still changing thanks to hotfixes and patches so it?s best to be updated on the new things being implemented. It?s important that your Diablo 3 farming is optimized so your precious game time isn?t wasted.

Want more tips and tricks? I’ve put some together for you DPS fanatics right here.

Any character can benefit from some gameplay tips and Rift secrets.

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