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Diablo 3 Farming for Legendaries: Top 5 Tips you Should Follow

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Farming for Legendaries on Diablo 3 can get very tedious especially when those orange pillars of light are few and far between. But after the game?s anniversary event that added 100% increased drop rate for legendary items, it?s now become a bit easier.

Just a bit, though, since it?s still just 4% chance inside rifts. That?s still better than the measly 2% it was before. Nonetheless, when you?re farming legendary items, here are the Top 5 things you should do:

  1. Play at the highest difficulty where you don?t die in Diablo 3. The temptation for a higher chance of Legendary drop rates thanks to the Torment slider is great, but you have to desist. Not dying all the time is more important than a marginally-higher rate. I?d rather rely on my speed in killing monsters and elites (which I can control) than the small increase in drop rate from a slider tick.
  2. Place your paragon points in Movement Speed. This isn?t a waste of potential at all. Moving faster has a lot of advantages. You get to monsters faster, you escape floor effects faster and you find your quests in a shorter amount of time?all translating to more kills and more chests found.
  3. Finish Rifts even after the guardian. Diablo 3 Nephalem Rifts have the highest chance of dropping Legendary and set items. So even when you?re finished with the Rift Guardian, keep going until you?ve exhausted the Rift. It?s also important to know that the developers have implemented a fix that lessens the unique items dropped by Rift bosses.
  4. Don?t forget to gamble. Kadala can be temperamental and a right swindler, but Blood Shards are plentiful in-game. Don?t ever stop trying to get items from her.
  5. When in a team, work together with your skills to bring down mobs as fast as possible. When you?re in a party, the monster density and toughness go up. It?s important that you make your skills work together to take out huge mobs of monsters (especially on Torment level) in the least amount of time.

Do you have any other Diablo 3 farming tips to contribute? Leave some in the comments!

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