Diablo 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets (Spoilers)

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If you haven?t come across these Diablo 3 Easter eggs and secrets on your way to Malthael, level 70 and your end game gear, then you could be really unlucky. Blizzard usually has a good spot of fun referencing their previous, and other games, in all their titles.

So if you?re feeling a bit whimsical or bored with receiving useless bags from Tyrael (I could swear his ?Here is your reward,? always has a touch of sarcasm, like he knows he just gave you a Forgotten Soul), try hunting for these Diablo 3 Easter Eggs and secrets:

There is no cow level, but there is Whimsyshire (and it?s a nightmare)

Whimsyshire is green grass, fluffy clouds and rainbows. There are also purple teddy bears and unicorns in a variety of pastel colors. It?s also hard to get to; you can either assemble the ingredients to get in or stumble upon it somehow. There are two ways to get to this mythical (and horrible) land of rainbows and unicorns:

  1. You can stumble into it through a Nephalem Rift. That next level could be Whimsyshire, you just don?t know.
  2. You craft the Staff of Herding:
    1. Farm the recipe from Izual in Act 4 on Normal difficulty. This is a rumor, however, but the best one I?ve come across so far.
    2. The recipe requires these materials: (1) Wirt?s Cowbell, (1) Black Mushroom, (1)Liquid Rainbow, (1) Gibbering Gemstone, (1) Leoric?s Shinbone
    3. Once crafted with the Blacksmith, go to the Old Tristram Road and use the staff with the Old Bovine Ghost.
    4. Lo and behold as the chasm shines, and you are granted entrance to Whimsyhire.

The Road to hell is paved with cupcakes and rainbows

What?s so fun about this magical, happy place? Well, clicking the happy clouds gets your character to fistpump. You get to fight flowers and unicorns too. There?s also the cupcakes and pots of gold. You can also get Horadric Hamburger weapons. All in all, Whimsyshire is a really swell place that can kill a low-level character in under a minute.

At least Diablo?s actually good for something

Developers used to ensure a legendary item drop with Leoric every time you fight him for the first time,?on a reset game with all the quests renewed. Seeing as that could be farmed easily, they?ve moved the guaranteed Legendary drop to Diablo. Keep in mind that you have to play the game from start to the Diablo boss fight again, to get the Unique item.


That?s right, there are actual ships in this game. Talk to Myriam in each location you see her, in and you may find out which other merchant she?s been rather friendly with. I hope the imagery is worth the search.

Larry, Moe and Curly

Blizzard likes its references, and you can find three Skeletons in Act 1, the Fields of Misery, and then the Festering Woods. Once?the quest ?The Broken Blade? activates, you?re going to eventually find yourself in the Drowned Temple, where you?ll fight Brother Ezek and three skeletal brothers with funny names.

Defeat Brother Ezek and then Brother Larel, Brother Karel and Brother Moek in one blow, to unlock a special achievement and their trademark sound. At least that’s better than getting the Azmodone achievement.

Who is Kadala and why does she need Blood Shards?

If you played Diablo 2, you?ll remember the gambling NPC there, Gheed. Apparently, Kadala is his daughter, as revealed in a dialogue with the other Horadrim, Lorath Nhar (who also seems to like her in a repressed, secret-order of celibates manner).

What other Diablo 3 easter eggs and secrets have you found? Share them in the comments so I can update the list and find out myself.

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