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Diablo 3 Damage per second (DPS) Tips

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Searching all the Diablo 3 forums is going to get you a wealth of mathematical information on how to raise your DPS or damage per second. If you?re not a mathematical geek like me or you just want the TL;DR version, I?ve compiled a? short list of tips for you to read so you can at least have a basic idea on what to do.

But we have to be thankful for the fans who have taken the time to tabulate their theories and formulas on how damage is computed. For guilds and players who want to optimize their game, this is simply part of their effort to understand the best way to farm gear.


Since DPS in Diablo 3 is so dependent on gear and class, here are some basic things you must know about raising your damage per second:

  1. There are 3 stats that you need to be concerned with when you want to raise your DPS:
    1. Critical Hit Damage or CHD
    2. Critical Hit Chance or CHC
    3. Your main stat or your attack speed (this is still under theorycrafting debate by the hardcore fans)
  2. You cannot solo farm without decent DPS. Specialized builds require a party if you want to farm legendary items or set items.
  3. Some bonuses and modifiers stack and have limits while others don?t.


Unless you want to slog through a spreadsheet that tests a formula on which stats you should focus on depending on your gear and build, there are some simple things that you can do to raise your DPS in Diablo 3:

  1. If you roll an item with two of the trifecta, you?re really lucky. Unless your current item has higher trifecta stats, swap it out and use your new item even if it?s yellow.
  2. Two handed weapon wielders get an additional 15% attack speed bonus from weapons.
  3. If you?re rerolling a weapon, it?s better to get a socket instead of another trifecta stat. This is because you can stick a Flawless Royal Emerald in there and raise your CHD to 125%. Two weapons with a Flawless Royal Emerald each stack to make it 250% CHD just from your weapons.
  4. There are caps to weapon bonuses. Skill bonuses have no cap. This means that you can only modify a stat to a certain point using weapons, but using your skills and passive abilities to modify a stat have no limit. The (still rumoured) gear limits are:
    1. Attack speed ? 100% cap when you put together your hear bonus, paragon points and shrine bonuses.
    2. Critical Hit Chance ? 75% cap for gear + paragon points. Skills can add more over the cap.
    3. Critical Hit Damage ? no cap from gear, paragon points or skills


So far, that?s all I got. If you think otherwise or have better generic tips, feel free to leave a friendly comment or start a discussion! I hope this helps you raise your DPS enough for solo farming or runs in Diablo 3.

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