DIABLO 3 Best Monk Builds for Torment Levels and Good Gory Fun

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The problem with finding the best monk build for torment levels is that there are so many considerations aside from the skills and passive abilities you have. Of course we all know that your gear does almost half the job of your character?s prowess; so it?s actually your best option to use a build that complements your current gear. For the purposes of this guide, let?s say you have all magical items for gear but no legendary drops (or at least legendary equipment that isn?t that spectacular or element-specific).

Best Monk builds are only as good as the player (ahem)

Unlike other classes that have clear paths and rely heavily on one role (DH and Wiz for DPS, Crusader for tank), Monks are hybrid. This means that they can be a DPS dealer, a tank and even a full support character. The problem is Monks cannot perform any of these roles to a staggering number; they are the quintessential hybrid class. This is why I think you need a certain amount of player skill and love for hybrid characters to play it.

The most important advice I can give you when you build your Monk is to work with your gear and what you want. No matter what Torment level you?re on, consider your team (or lack of one), your skill and your gear. Never forget the triumvirate of effective DPS: Critical Hit chance, Critical Hit damage and Attack Speed. There are some skill combos that work best for farming and solo work, but again your gear plays a huge role.


Nonetheless, here are some of what I think are the best Monk builds for specific roles you want to play in your Diablo 3 RoS game:

  • Solo DPS and Rift Farming– Crippling Wave (Breaking Wave), Exploding Palm (The Flesh is Weak), Mantra of Conviction (Overawe), Epiphany (Inner Fire), Sweeping Wind (Blade Storm), Dashing Strike (Barrage), Mythic Rhythm, Seize the Initiative, One with Everything, Transcendence

This build requires a lot of skill and attention, but it?s very satisfying with some expert players with OP gear rumored to finish a Rift in 5 minutes. The key is to spam the Exploding Palm then deal your 360 degree damage. Once one monster dies, it triggers a chain reaction that kills everything on the screen in a series of sublime, gory explosions.

  • Full support ? Fists of Thunder (Concussion), Serenity (Ascension), Breath of Heaven (Zephyr), Mantra of Healing (Time of Need), Epiphany (Soothing Mist), Cyclone Strike (Soothing Breeze), Near Death Experience, One with Everything, Transcendence, Chant of Resonance, Beacon of Ytar

Predictable skill set and negligible damage with the need for a lot of screen vigilance. When you get to higher torment levels, you?re going to have to watch everyone in the midst of dense mobs that don’t break at all. The main point of this build is to be able to flit to anyone who is in trouble and heal them in time. If you can?t, activate or spam the Mantra to give everyone a shield. You can swap out Cyclone Strike for Exploding Palm to give everyone damage buffs.

  • Tank ? Crippling Wave (Concussion), Cyclone Strike (Implosion), Mantra of Healing (Sustenance), Mystic Ally (Enduring Ally), Inner Sanctuary (Inner Palace), Blinding Flash (Soothing Light), One with Everything, Beacon of Ytar, Seize the Initiative, Resolve

Spam that Cyclone Strike to keep the enemies around you as this is the most important function of this build. Everything else basically lets you have solipsistic well-being in the midst of the most vicious mobs (Extra Health Illusion Fast Firechains Wall).


Last word on Monk Builds

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions; your build is mostly determined by your player skill and current gear. But if you were a mediocre player you wouldn?t be playing a Monk anyway; I think it requires a lot of skill to handle a hybrid class and come out of the worst mobs whole and hale. If you have other suggestions for the best monk builds for Diablo 3, leave a comment!

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