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Diablo 2 Gets Patched for First Time in Five Years

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It?s rare these days to see games receive developer support beyond their pre-determined lifespans. In this age of major franchises and yearly sequels, it?s not long before a newer, shinier, version of whatever you?re playing comes out; rendering the old game obsolete. Diablo 2 isn?t just any old game however, and Blizzard is definitely not your average game studio.

Today, the revered developer, announced it would be rolling out a new update for Diablo 2, the iconic dungeon crawler which turns 16 this June. The update is the first for the game in five years, as well as since the release of its successor, Diablo 3 and its expansion Reaper of Souls.

Patch 1.14a doesn?t add any new content or gameplay tweaks. It?s just a simple compatibility update that makes the game play better on modern operating systems like Windows 10. Here?s some of the patch notes:

?This update focuses on system glitches introduced by modern operating systems. In related news, you can finally retire those old Mac PowerPCs. Included with the update is a shiny new installer for OSX.?

Blizzard also promised that they would remain committed to the game and its thriving community.

?There is still a large Diablo II community around the world, and we thank you for continuing to play and slay with us. This journey starts by making Diablo II run on modern platforms, but it does not end there. See you in Sanctuary, adventurers.?

Showing classic titles this kind of goodwill is a great way to get more life out of the game. Hopefully more big publishers can take a look at their back catalogs to see which games in their roster could make due with a few modern enhancements.

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