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Diablo 1 Remake Now Available on Blizzard’s Public Test Realm

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Diablo 1 Remake

?The sanctity of this place has been fouled.?

This famous line has brought chills to Diablo fans ever since it released in 1996. And it still does. Now, gamers can relive the moment once again and explore the ruins of Tristram. Battle out bosses like The Butcher and hear the spine-tingling ?fresh meat? line in Blizzard?s Diablo 1 remake.

The then rumored remake is now available from Blizzard?s Public Test Realm. This version of the game is pretty much the alpha version released for testing purposes. However, that does not mean that the game is entirely unplayable.

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Blizzard?s Public Test Realm is a special service provided by the developer aimed at testing patches and updates to its current game offerings. These alpha versions are available to game owners and subscribers of the test realm. Gamers get to try out these patches before before their public release.

The new 16-level patch features dungeon levels centering on the famed village of Tristram. In the patch, players get to battler out some of the known character or villains from the original Diablo 1. Baddies like The Butcher, Archbishop Lazarus, The Skeleton King, and the Dark Lord himself are all present in the game.

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In addition to the classic villains, the patch also features the similar graphics style popularised by the original Diablo 1. Be ready to see Tristram once again in all its pixelated glory. Run like mad in only 8 possible directions as opposed to Diablo 3?s more dynamic movement scheme. Listen to creepy background audio that will give you nightmares in your sleep. To say the least, it is one big nostalgia road trip for any Diablo fan.

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The Diablo 1 remake is available for download from Blizzard?s Public Test Realm servers. However, before jumping onto the bandwagon, make sure you have the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls game installed on your system. The patch does require the game to be installed first before it can be played.

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