DeWalt MD501 Price And Features: Why You Should Consider The ?World?s Toughest Smartphone?

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With Samsung, Apple, Huawei, HTC, Sony and other big brands are making its way to making stylish smartphones with functionality and certain specifications that consumers would want, another competitor has made its way into the phone-making business. DeWalt, a construction giant that manufactures power tools and construction tools, has released their first line of phones, the DeWalt MD501. This smartphone boasts of having a ?tough screen? and ?tough case? making it a ?tough phone?, according to their official website. They described the smartphone as ?a rugged Android smartphone, built to exacting DeWalt standards. The handset combines high-end performance and ease-of-use with a robust, rugged construction to deliver an unparalleled range of features and reliable user experience wherever required ? at home, at work, at play.? You might be wondering what this phone has to offer, so let?s look at it?s features and specifications!


According to DeWalt, the phone?s key features are IP68 rating, MIL810G, dual SIM, 4G functionality and Qi charging. These are quite a lot to pack onto a phone! IP68 rating means that it?s dust and particles resistant and waterproof up to 30 meters. It also packs a military standard 810 G test that can withstand a 2 meter drop onto concrete as well as places with extreme temperatures and barometric pressures. It?s even resistant to chemical spillages! It also features a dual sim, so you can ?keep your personal and business mobile accounts separate.? Qi charging is one that should catch your attention though. Even iPhones don?t have this capability yet. Qi charging is similar to Samsung Galaxy S7?s wireless charging feature where you don?t need any cords or cables to connect to your phone. Simply place it on the charging pad, and it will charge whether you?re on the go or at home. Here is the full list of its features:

  • IP68: waterproof of up to 2 meters for about 30 minutes, and it?s dust and particle resistant
  • Operating range: -20 ?C to 60 ?C
  • Can be used with gloves
  • MIL810G: drop protection
  • Comes equipped with G-sensor, gyroscope, pressure, magnetic, light and range sensors
  • 5″ (12.7cm) HD Bright View Gorilla Toughened Glass 3
  • Amplified loudspeaker


This is probably the part you?ve been waiting for. This phone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and has an expandable memory of up to 64GB with an internal memory of 16GB. It uses a MT6735 processor that clocks at 1.3 GHz with 2GB of RAM. That?s not bad at all. It also features a 13MP rear camera paired with a 5MP front camera. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a built-in radio and MP3 player, 4G/LTE capability, Qi charging and Near Field Communication (NFC). Wait! Don?t forget about the battery! This phone boasts of a 3950mAh battery that allows 450 hours of standby or 420 minutes of talking time when using the 3G function, according to their site.

Bulky design

Although this smartphone seems unbelievable that it?s real with all these amazing features, it does have it?s downside. It?s bulky design may not be for everyone. It also weighs a lot more compared to the iPhone 6, 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7. The DeWalt MD501 weighs 245 g while the iPhone 6S weighs 129 g and the Samsung Galaxy 152 g. However, functionality-wise, this smartphone is definitely made for those around construction site or the trade industry.

This phone costs 379 Pounds (approximately $544). Are you willing to buy this phone? Let us know in the comments below!

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