Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 4 Spoilers: Will Rosie Save Spence From Jail?

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Devious Maids Season 4
Devious Maids Season 4

?Devious Maids? Season 4 is packing another interesting episode. The synopsis has teased some unexpected twists. Fans are eager to watch Zoila?s blind date.

?Marisol deals with a new roommate. Daniela and Carmen?s relationship takes a turn when an unexpected visitor arrives. Zoila gets setup on a blind date, as Genevieve also makes a new friend. Rosie?s suspicions of foul play grow stronger,? the synopsis reads, according to CATERMATT.

According to Christian Times, the upcoming episode will show Rosie becoming too suspicious about Ben?s involvement in Peri?s murder. In the preview, Ben informs Rosie that a fellow inmate is observing him. Spence will confront a man who has the word ?Kill? on his forehead.

Wisocky Rebecca, who is playing the character Evelyn has revealed that her character will be facing the identity crisis. “Well, for a character that defines themselves by their privilege, she will really be thrown for a loop! You will really see her have a crisis of identity and purpose. I’m not sure she really even understands that it could be possible to not have money, and I think she will have kind of a childlike response to that, which hopefully people will find enjoyable. It was certainly very enjoyable to play!” Wisocky said. ?In fact, Rosie wants to save Spence from the jail. According to International Business Times, in the next episode, Rosie will try her best to find pieces of evidence which are in favor of Spence. Earlier, in an interview with TV Line, the executive producer of the show Sabrina Wind had told that Rosie and Spence?s relationship will be affected by Peri?s death.

?Devious Maids? Season 4 Episode 4 ?”Sweeping With the Enemy” ?will be aired on Monday night, at 8pm on Lifetime.

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