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Devil May Cry 5 Reveal At Tokyo Game Show 2016?

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Devil May Cry 5

E3 was definitely a success this year, with Sony pretty much dominating the event and the other companies doing a good job at promoting their games. While most fans were pleased with the expo, some were a bit disappointed at the lack of any news regarding a possible Devil May Cry 5.

Fans on Reddit have wondered if they have seen the last of the series, but one user pointed out the fact that there is still the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016 to look forward to. The Tokyo Game Show has always been one of the biggest game events of the past few years and this one could be no exception.

It would seem like the perfect show to announce Devil May Cry 5 at TGS 2016, since Japan has always loved the action-packed series. Whether this actually happens or not won?t be known till the event itself, so fans of Dante will have to wait for quite a while.

The last official game in the series was DmC: Devil May Cry, which was a reboot of the franchise. While fans hated some of the changes made, particularly Dante?s new look, critics praised the game when it was released, thanks to the game?s fun combat and level design.

Despite being part of an entirely new continuity, DmC: Devil May Cry was popular enough to get a definitive edition for PS4 and Xbox One. This version of the game featured improved graphics, a lock-on system and all of the previously released DLC.

Capcom also released a remastered version of Devil May Cry 4 to please fans who hate the new continuity. This version of the game was packed with extras, including a new playable character in Virgil. Plus fans were just happy with having a Dante that they recognized, instead of the rebooted version of the character who has black hair and a wife beater tank top.

Will the next game in the series be Devil May Cry 5? Or will it be a sequel to DmC: Devil May Cry? Fans are hoping for the former, while there are definitely others who would prefer the latter. Here is hoping that the Tokyo Game Show has some answers.

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