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Devil May Cry 5: Original Or Reboot Continuation, We Need A New DmC Entry

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Devil May Cry 5
Source: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition — Launch Trailer | PS4 video

More than reboots and remasters, fans have been waiting for a new Devil May Cry entry since 2013. The series’ development has been complicated since Capcom rebooted the series. However, the hate toward the reboot has long simmered down, which allows Capcom to continue the series again.

Original Vs Reboot

This issue first started last 2013 when Capcom and Ninja Theory released DmC: Devil May Cry as a reboot to the series. Many were outraged at Dante’s new design and the game’s lower frame rate than Devil May Cry 4. Capcom itself received widespread flak during this time. However, the hate towards the reboot eventually died and the game was eventually  appreciated for its good gameplay.

Capcom can continue the rebooted Devil May Cry series again after the fans simmered down on the issue. Alternatively, Capcom can also use the issue to return to its roots using the the more iconic characters to avoid potential flak towards the game. However, Capcom doesn’t seem to be preparing itself to release another entry as of late.

Many Routes To Make One Again

Capcom has two routes to continue the series: continue the original series with Devil May Cry 4 director Hideaki Itsuno, or follow up on Ninja Theory’s reboot. Both choices are fine as long as they’ve learned from their mistakes in the DmC: Devil May Cry entry. Chances to see Hideki Kamiya are slim as he’s now working in a different company, namely Platinum Games. Unless Capcom and Platinum Games teams up on a project, another Devil May Cry entry from its creator is unlikely.

The original series can carry on its story with more about the “Sons of Sparda” storyline and demon hunting stories while the reboot can continue Dante’s tale as the protector of mankind. As long as the stylish hack-and-slash systems are there, the fans may not mind the writing too much.

Where Is Devil May Cry 5?

Mostly, rumors fuel the existence of Devil May Cry 5 as fan interest remains unsatisfied. Every major gaming convention like E3, Gamescom, and Tokyo Game Show was always met with expectations to hear Capcom discuss about this game. However, Capcom has repeatedly expressed to have no plans for Devil May Cry 5 as seen on Dengeki and Destructoid interviews. Our chances to see Devil May Cry are slim unless Capcom starts talking about this series again.

Fans shouldn’t give up hope even if the chance of seeing a Devil May Cry 5 is near impossible. In Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom Infinite announcement last 2016, Capcom confirmed that they’re aiming to revive dormant IPs. While Devil May Cry might received an entry last 2013, fans are still waiting for the next entry to show up.

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