Devil May Cry 5 Livestream: Watch Capcom Reveal The Game At Tokyo Game Show 2016

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Devil May Cry 5

Capcom has long been confirmed to have an appearance in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016. Potentially, Devil May Cry 5 may appear in the livestream as a surprise because?it?s not included in Capcom?s Tokyo Game Show schedule. Here?s what we know so far about the potential Devil May Cry 5 livestream.

Capcom?s TGS Schedule

According to Gematsu?s translation of Capcom?s schedule, Capcom will stream their Tokyo Game Show presentation on September 15, 17 and 18 on YouTube and Twitch. The YouTube stream has a built-in timer for its next show, so fans should consult it for the stream?s starting time. In these three days, Capcom’s hack-and-slash game?may be revealed.

Unscheduled Game

Despite confirming many games, Capcom didn?t include Devil May Cry 5 in their Tokyo Game Show lineup. Fans are still guessing if this game is actually in development or if Capcom still plans on venturing with the Devil May Cry franchise. In the Tokyo Game Show stream, Devil May Cry 5 may only appear at the last part of each show per day.

Capcom?s Games So Far

Currently, Capcom has Street Fighter 5 Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney lined up for Tokyo Game Show 2016. Meanwhile, more niche entries for Western audience like Sengoku Basara will also be covered in the Capcom livestream. Lastly, Toraware no Palm is a new smartphone game that Capcom is aiming to debut in TGS.

There are no signs of a new Devil May Cry game?in the schedule. At most, Capcom may reveal it?as a surprise in the upcoming show.

For now, Capcom has not revealed any trailer or gameplay for Devil May Cry 5. The company already has bad reputation from DmC?s initial release, as seen in the reviews of Devil May Cry 4 and DmC: Devil May Cry remaster. We can only wait for Capcom to show any hints that the rumored game is happening soon.

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