Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Reveal At E3 2016 Confirmed?

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Devil May Cry 5

Teases of a potential Devil May Cry 5 has surfaced online a few days before E3. Vergil?s voice actor once again asked fans regarding their thoughts about the action game in the form of a Twitter poll. Additionally, actor Nils Hognestad was reported to have a lead role in the rumored Devil May Cry 5. Will we see the game this coming E3?

According to Twinfinite, Hognestad listed a ?Devil May Cry 5 video game? on his acting resume. However, the entry has been deleted from the site. This adds weight to the rumors about the development of a new Devil May Cry entry, but Capcom has yet to confirm or officially announce any new games after the Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.

Additionally, Daniel Southworth once again ran a Devil May Cry 5-related inquiry which excited fans everywhere. Southworth voiced Vergil from the original Devil May Cry series before its reboot. If Devil May Cry 5 comes up, it?s possible that Southworth will be cast again as Vergil. This isn?t the first time that Southworth has riled up the fans for the possibility of Devil May Cry 5, so Capcom may indeed be working on something.

Currently, Capcom is focusing on improving Street Fighter 5. The fighting game had a bad start when it came out in February, and the company has been busy releasing content these past few months. Since Street Fighter 5 has lined up their content for this month, there might be a window for Capcom to announce an appearance this coming E3.

However, with Capcom?s focus on Street Fighter 5, there have been no official announcements about Devil May Cry 5. The game?s original director, Hideki Kamiya, has also already left Capcom and has since been working on similar hack-and-slash game projects such as the Bayonetta series with Platinum Games. If Devil May Cry 5 does get announced at E3, it may not be similar to the original Devil May Cry entries, just like Ninja Theory?s DmC reboot.

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