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Devil May Cry 5 Development Possibly ‘Progressing Smoothly’, Here’s Where We Might See Capcom’s DmC Announcement

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Devil May Cry 5
Source: DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition — Launch Trailer | PS4 video

Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno, who many believe is working on either a new Dragon’s Dogma game or Devil May Cry 5, finally revealed that his current project is “progressing smoothly”. Work on his new game might be going as planned and would be revealed soon.

No E3 Appearance

On Twitter, Itsuno apologized for not appearing at E3 2017. Normally, Capcom reveals their games on major events like the E3 2017 Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo press conferences. Devil May Cry 5 didn’t appear in any of these shows but Capcom made an appearance with Monster Hunter World during the Sony press conference.

Sony revealed that they held back on new game announcements at their E3 2017 presser. It wouldn’t fit the whole conference if they did that, they said. Potentially we may get these skipped announcements in future shows.

Upcoming Shows

Fans still have to lookout for other annual video game expos like Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show this 2017. Both expos usually feature huge game announcements. As seen in Gamereactor’s interview, Sony seems to be planning a PlayStation conference during Gamescom 2017 or Paris Games Week 2017.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Game Show is accessible to Capcom as it it is a local event for the Japanese company. Capcom may use these expos as opportunity to finally give a concrete update about Itsuno’s project.

Additionally, Sony confirmed a PlayStation Experience event this December. The first gameplay footage of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and a reveal trailer for both Uncharted Lost Legacy and The Last of Us 2 are just some of the big announcements Sony made at PlayStation Experience. With Capcom favoring Sony as of late, it’s possible we’ll see this game at their PlayStation Experience conference.

While waiting, players can still refer to older Devil May Cry re-releases last year. Both Devil May Cry 4 and the DmC reboot got their remasters, but that can only keep the fans at bay for a short while. More than graphics improvements and extra content, fans would like to know if Capcom would still continue the series.

Smooth Progress

On the last day of 2016, Itsuno confirmed on Twitter that he’s working hard to finally talk about his new game. It’s been half a year since his announcement. Many fans speculated that he could be working on Devil May Cry 5 as he has directed the second, third, and fourth entries for it. However, his lack of announcements and vague reveals about his current project makes it hard to confirm if it’s really a Devil May Cry title. Previously, he has also worked on Dragon’s Dogma, Power Stone, and Rival Schools.

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