Devil May Cry 4 Ships 2 Million

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Capcom announced yesterday that the fourth installment of the Devil May Cry series has shipped over 2 million worldwide. This should not be surprising as the whole gaming community (including The Bitbag editors like TD) had been waiting for this game and drooling over ever screenshot and all of the gameplay footage. Somebody should release the Xbox 360 VS PS3 numbers, just so fanboys can get into it. Is ships the same as sells?

Fastest Selling Game In the DMC Series to Reach This Milestone
SAN MATEO, Calif — February 20, 2008 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today confirmed that Devil May Cry ® 4, the latest installment in the Devil May Cry series, has shipped over two million units worldwide since its recent release for both for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) and the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. A PC version of the game will be released in the coming months.

The Devil May Cry series is renowned for its fast-paced, stylish action and has wowed gamers around the globe. Since the release of the original title in 2001, the series has amassed total worldwide sales to date of over 9 million units and become a pillar franchise for Capcom.

Devil May Cry 4 immerses gamers in a gothic supernatural world, where a new protagonist clashes with series mainstay Dante. As new leading man Nero players will be able to unleash incredibly powerful and stylish attacks and non-stop combos using a combination of the Devil Bringer right arm and the Exceed system, both of which are new gameplay mechanics for the series. Taking full advantage of the advanced graphical and processing power of the next-gen systems it draws gamers into the Devil May Cry world like never before with highly detailed and expansive environments, even more enemies to defeat and some of the most breath-taking bosses ever conceived.

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