Devil May Cry 4 Offers Different Functionality, Not Graphics, On PS3/360

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It seems that multi-platform games between the 2 competing consoles are getting closer and closer to each other in terms of graphics. I’ve posted 2 screens from Devil May Cry 4, so you can make your own judgment. The one on top is the PS3 screen shot while the one under it is from the 360. However, there will still be things that are different between the 2 games.

As you can see, they really are extremely close to each other in quality. The only difference I can see is in the glowing effects and the textures are slightly crisper on the 360 version.


DMC4 360

Even though Capcom has done an excellent job at keeping both versions very close to each other, we have been assured that there will still be different things to offer for both versions. Our source tells us that the 360 version will have achievements. We are hoping to get a full list of what these achievements are soon. While the PS3 doesn’t have achievements, it will save portions of the game onto your hard drive. Not just the saves, but actual parts of the game itself. This will cut down on the various load times that we’ve all come to know and love hate over the years.

That’s right. Differences can sometimes be a good thing.

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