Developer Dong Nguyen Revives Flappy Bird, Says New Version Made Even Better

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Flappy Bird was a worldwide phenomenon with only its simple game interface. Everyone got addicted to it, but the creator?s sudden decision to pull it out from the App Store and Play Store received mixed reactions. Dong Nguyen nearly even disappeared on Twitter, too. The game developer returned this week after a long hiatus and announced that there will be a different and better Flappy Bird coming out.

Yes, But Not Soon.

Nguyen?s followers asked him questions about when the game will hit the app stores and what inspired him to become a game developer. He even tweeted Justin Bieber and thanked the pop star for following him on the social network. The biggest revelation that awakened his followers was when he announced about the new Flappy Bird.

Unfortunately, Nguyen said that the new version will not be launched soon. He confirmed that it will look different from the original game, but better. The announcement came in after the Flappy Bird creator told Rolling Stone that he is considering reviving the game once again.

An Overnight Sensation


The app became an overnight sensation when it was launched in February this year. It climbed to the top of Google Play for Android and Apple?s App Store with an ad revenue of $50, 000 a day. Fans were shocked when Nguyen decided to suddenly pull out the game, but explained that he could not take the stress anymore. After it was taken out, only the users who have downloaded the app could keep playing.

Rumors circulated and Nguyen received death threats. The game developer had a hard time eating and even thought of committing suicide. It was rumored that Nguyen might have been sued by Nintendo, which the latter denied. He sent a series of tweets on February 8 to warn people that he will remove the app in 22 hours. Fans were pleading him not to do it, but the app was taken down the next day.

Nguyen told Rolling Stone that he felt good after pulling out the game from the app stores. The Flappy Bird creator added that he will include warning signs like ?please take a break? once he launches the new version of the game.

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