Deus Ex Mankind Divided Update: Kill And Alert Counters Are Badly Needed

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Update

Pacifist and Ghost playthroughs in Deus Ex Mankind Divided often need extra care so players can successfully snag the achievement. The conditions of these achievements are viciously strict, as a single death or alert can ruin a player?s progress. Due to these difficulties, fans are suggesting for developers to come up with a Deus Ex Mankind Divided update that will feature kill and alert counters for these achievements.

Kill and Alert Counters

According to ?Vagrant-?s thread in the Deus Ex Reddit, many fans want a kill and alert count in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. No player wants to put in effort to a stealth or pacifist playthrough only to be denied at the end. If the kill and alert count is implemented, players can just check if their save file or playthrough is still eligible for a Pacifist or a perfect stealth achievement.


To get a Pacifist playthrough, players must do their best to prevent any enemy from dying in their mission. This playthrough will limit the player to non-lethal takedowns and weaponry to deal with foes. Players may opt to knock out every foe to control their movement and prevent any other map event from killing them. However, one death can ruin this playthrough. This makes players anal retentive about unconscious body placement to prevent any map clipping glitch from killing them.


Meanwhile, the stealth playthrough requires the player to complete the game without triggering a single alarm. Players will have to carefully plan or be extremely reactive if they want to get this achievement. However, it?s possible that the game may trigger the alarm by itself due to bugs. It may also happen if players accidentally wander to restricted areas.

At best, players want precision on their features if it pushes them to aim for difficult challenges. A Deus Ex Mankind Divided update could come soon if the fan demand manages to catch Square Enix?s attention.

Previously, Square Enix released a Deus Ex Mankind Divided update for the PC, so it?s possible for the game to receive more patches. So far, there are other exploits currently in the game that players can use to cruise through the areas easily. For now, fans can only wait for these updates or its smartphone companion app.

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