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Deus Ex Mankind Divided: How To Save Singh Easily Without Getting Detected

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Are you having trouble saving Singh without getting detected by your enemies in the first Deus Ex Mankind Divided mission in Dubai? Taking down your enemies one-by-one in a limited time can be difficult as the enemies are clustered and your visibility is hampered due to the sandstorm. Luckily, you can fool your foes so you won?t need to rush in order to prevent Singh from dying.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Dubai Trick

In order to easily accomplish this mission without getting detected, you need to go with the non-lethal option at the start of the game. This is essential as you?ll need to takedown Singh with your non-lethal weapon in order to fool enemies that Singh is already dead.


You can start this encounter by using the elevator to your right or jumping down to the lower ground and using your Icarus Strike. Singh is located at the right side of the helicopter. If you?re using the Tranquilizer Rifle, you can use your Smart Vision augment so you can still see Singh and land a headshot. You can also take your time and take down all the enemies on the platforms if you?re using the stun gun.

Once you?ve already fooled the masked augmented enemies, they will all focus their attention on your allied troops. You can now slowly approach the helicopter while picking off your enemies. You don?t need to eliminate all foes in the area as the mission immediately ends after you disable the Helicopter.

This trick is pretty helpful if you?re gunning for a full ghost playthrough. We?ve yet to see if there are any consequences in the main game if Singh dies in this mission.

Did this trick help you in finishing the mission while remaining undetected? Are you gunning for a ghost playthrough? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below and keep checking TheBitBag for the latest news and more guide stories on Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

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