Deus Ex Mankind Divided Review: As Good As Human Revolution?

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Review

Recently, Deus Ex Mankind Divided reviews has just rolled out and the game is currently racking stellar ratings so far. Previously, Deus Ex Human Revolution has also racked in excellent reviews on its release. Will Deus Ex Mankind Divided be as good as its predecessor?

According to a NEOGAF user, the recent EDGE magazine issue #297 showed a 9/10 Deus Ex Mankind Divided review. The upcoming Deus Ex may possibly hold out on fantastic overall quality for its features. Usually, open world games with branching story choices being rated high could mean that the game?s story and features will be worth your time.

The previous entry, Deus Ex Human Revolution, also racked in similar reviews as seen on its PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and PC Metacritic pages. EDGE magazine also gave Human Revolution a high rating. If you?ve enjoyed Human Revolution, then picking deciding whether you should pick up Mankind Divided won?t really be a problem. Additionally, IGN Germany gave Deus Ex Mankind Divided with an 8/10, but their article has been taken down recently.

As seen on the gameplay video from IGN, Deus Ex Mankind Divided still looks similar to the start of Human Revolution. Players are still given a choice to start with regular guns or nonlethal tools. As seen in the non lethal playthrough, the player should opt to only avoid guards or knock them out cold to continue on with the mission. During a pacifist playthrough, the game shows its stealth genre features, but we?ve yet to see the full usefulness of Adam Jensen?s new abilities in the upcoming game.

In Mankind Divided, it was previously shown that your approach to the mission will heavily affect some negotiations to convince them of your goals or outright oppose you due to your actions. More than shooting and sneaking, Deus Ex?s story keeps their audience interested with humanity?s internal conflict to assess the ?Augmentation? if they should widely accept it or not. More of the game?s current events will be revealed through these crucial NPC negotiations.

For now, early Deus Ex Mankind Divided reviews say that the game is exceptionally good. We?ll have to wait until the actual audience sees the game for themselves if the game really is worth its good reviews.

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