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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Pre-Order Bonus: How To Get The Covert Agent Pack For Free Consumable Items And Gear

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Are you having difficulty in claiming your Deus Ex Mankind Divided pre-order bonuses? There are two avenues where players can get their free Day One bonuses and they can simply be obtained by redeeming the code. However, some are having trouble on how to get their ?in-game bonuses. Here?s how you can get all your freebies in the latest Deus Ex game.

Redeeming your codes

First of all, you obviously have to redeem your codes. Entering the code on the official game?s website and on your selected platform will yield you different bonuses.

Entering the code on the official Deus Ex Mankind Divided website will allow you to download the free digital books and digital OST sampler. These items cannot be accessed in the game.

Meanwhile, redeeming the code on your selected platform will allow you to obtain costumes for Adam Jensen as well as an extra in-game mission called ?Desperate Measures? that weighs in nearly at 3GB. Players will also receive consumable items and gear that will surely be valuable whenever they?re free battling against humans and augmented foes.

How to get in-game pre-order bonuses

Apparently, some players are struggling how to get their in-game Deus Ex Mankind Divided pre-order bonuses. There’s no tutorial and prompt that teaches players how to get their free in-game items, and players can progress far in the story without finding out how to claim them.?Players simply need to open their inventory and click the storage options button in order to claim their items.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Pre-Order Bonus Content

Deus Ex

All of these free items can no longer be obtained again once you have redeemed them from your storage.

Players will be unable to claim their Deus Ex Mankind Divided pre-order bonus twice. This means that if you have already claimed all your pre-order bonuses from the storage and decided to start a new game, you will not be able to claim the rewards on your new playthrough. Make sure that you are intent to continue the playthrough if you don?t want to waste your freebies.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who are interested?to get hands on the?upcoming story expansions and more in-game items should consider purchasing the?Season Pass. Be sure to check out TheBitBag for the latest news and guide stories on the game.

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