Deus Ex Mankind Divided Guide: How To Repair Your Augments And Start Using Them

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Before you set out exploring Deus Ex Mankind Divided?s cyberpunk-styled version of Prague, you need to find someone to repair your augments first.

Get Up and Running in Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Upon arriving in the Czech capital, you will be greeted by a bunch of malfunctioning augmentations. To get them functional, you will need to find someone named Vaclav Kollar. Luckily, seeking him out does not take too much work. Shortly after gaining control of Adam Jensen in Prague, you should receive a call from Kollar asking you to assist with some goons causing him trouble.

To help Kollar out, head over to the marked waypoint. The path will lead you to a locked gate being guarded by a man. You can either dispatch him right then and there or opt to complete a nearby side mission called ?The Golden Ticket? to gain passage. Once through, look for a store called Time Machine.

The thugs harassing Kollar will be busy thrashing the store?s interior. The mission objective does not require you to clean them out, but where?s the fun in that? In true Deus Ex fashion, you can deal with them anyway you wish. Given that your augments in Deus Ex Mankind Divided will be busted at this point, sticking to the shadows might be the way to go.

If you want to minimize confrontation, you can climb to the archway across the store and start picking enemies off from there. From here, you can head left until you see a ladder. Climb it and scale the window ledges until you find an open window. Deal with the guards inside and follow the marker into Koller?s office. After this, just follow the quest to its completion to get your augments fixed.

Once this is done, you should be all set for the rest of your Deus Ex Mankind Divided adventure.

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