Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Should You Go Lethal or Non-Lethal?

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided, like the previous Deus Ex Human Revolution, allows players to control Jensen?s approaches to the mission: either lethal or non-lethal. Players can opt to slaughter every foe in the mission, knock them out cold, or stealthily avoid them to get the mission objectives done. However, character playstyle is also rewarded with a story path and even EXP bonuses.Should you go lethal or non-lethal in the game?


Those who choose to go in guns blazing, shooting everything that moves, may enjoy an easier playthrough since they just have to manage their ammo and health throughout the whole playthrough. According to shadowCloudrift?s thread on the Deus Ex Reddit, players are awarded 20 xp for both lethal takedowns and headshots. However, choosing this path may usually result in NPC negotiations with strongarming tactics to convince them to give up. More often than not, it?s easier to clear missions but more difficult to keep NPCs amiable and alive in negotiations. Regardless of the starting gun you?ve picked, all you need is a clean headshot to dispose your foes early in the game.


A flatout inverse of the lethal playthrough, non-lethal plays requires careful planning throughout the mission to spare every enemy in the game. Due to your gentle approach, some NPC negotiations may be at a civil level, and it?ll be easier to make them agree to your demands and take them alive. Additionally, non-lethal takedowns and headshots yield more XP than the lethal approach, which allows you to get more upgrades early in the game.

Your starting non-lethal weapon in Deus Ex Mankind Divided could either be a Stun Gun or a Tranquilizer Rifle. The Stun Gun instantly knocks out foes at close range. Meanwhile, the Tranquilizer Rifle has a delayed knockout effect unless you?ve confirmed a headshot. Alternatively, you have the non-lethal takedowns to rely on to knock out foes manually.

Additionally, non-lethal playthroughs are templates of the more difficult stealth playthrough in the game. In stealth playthroughs, you cannot be detected by any guard unless it?s a key NPC or a forced situation to get the stealth achievement. Stealth playthroughs should only be attempted on your New Game+ so you already have an early upgrade boost. If you?re aiming for an early Stealth playthrough, prepare to be extra careful up until getting good upgrades or have grindy save file reloading playthrough if you keep failing to do a perfect stealth run.

For now, non-lethal playthroughs have the advantage because they provide more XP in the game. However, you can still opt to start with the lethal playthrough to get the harsh dialogue out of the way if you?re aiming for the game?s 100 percent completion. Regardless of your choice, just do what you feel in Deus Ex Mankind Divided missions and you?ll be fine since it is a game with a branching storyline.

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