Deus Ex Mankind Divided Ghost Tips: New Augment You Shouldn’t Get

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Similar to Human Revolution, Deus Ex Mankind Divided also has achievements for players who never triggered any alarm in the game. However, some fans have confirmed that avoiding the Tesla upgrade can ruin your streak of Ghost bonuses. Apparently, the upgrade is buggy and could alert the guard you?re trying to knock out with the Tesla augment.

According to barjed?s thread on the Deus Ex Reddit, the Tesla augment can actually alert guards, including those that you?ve knocked out with it. The ?Ghost? bonuses and achievement is only activated if you don?t trigger a single alert on your way to the next area or checkpoint. Successfully stealthing gives you a large boost in level progress which could be used to unlock more upgrades.

The Tesla augment in Deus Ex Mankind Divided shoots out taser darts that can knock out multiple enemies in a room. However, it?s not a silent weapon as it can alert guards. Alternatively, players can opt to invest in other utility augments and energy upgrades to help them plan their next move in their stealth playthrough. Perhaps this augment may be fixed after the Day One patch.

Even with the lack of the Tesla augment, players can use other nonlethal weapons or takedowns if they need to take out a guard. Lethal weapons aren?t as effective, as the first shot will alert other guards in the vicinity. Install a silencer attachment on the lethal weapon first and then try again. Remember to hide the guards in other areas to avoid getting indirectly detected and so that you have one less guard to worry about in the mission.

Due to the new system in Deus Ex Mankind Divided that makes NPCs react to your playthrough, completely stealthing the whole mission may??yield a different dialogue path with the key NPCs, and it could even be easier for you to get stack progress for the Pacifist achievement. This achievement requires the player to spare every enemy life and avoid killing anybody.

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