Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC: Story Missions, Bonuses, And What You Can Expect In The Season Pass

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC

Square Enix?s Deus Ex Mankind Divided is about to be released this coming August 23. The game?s Season Pass is expected to bring extra missions, equipment sets, and even an early upgrade boost. Here?s what we know so far about the Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC, which will all be included in the game?s Season Pass.

According to Game UK?s listing of the product, the Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC will have two new story missions, the ?Assault? and ?Tactical? equipment packs. Also included as DLC are four Praxis Kits, 5000 Credits, five Boost Packs, and 20 Chipsets for the Breach game mode. All of these will be available for $30 via the season pass.

The DLC story missions are ?System Rift? and ?A Criminal Past.? So far, the trailers of Mankind Divided haven?t explained how Adam Jensen transitioned into a peacekeeping military force as well as the canon ending of Human Revolution. Perhaps one of these Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC missions will be able to explain and piece up Mankind Divided?s story with the Human Revolution story.

Additionally, the ?Assault? and ?Tactical? packs will give both weaponry and items to the players who bought the Season Pass. Similar to Human Revolution, the player?s accumulated death toll will affect the game?s story. Though the contents of these packs haven?t been revealed yet, it?s possible that players will be granted with a boost for either the lethal or non-lethal playstyles in the game.

In previous Deus Ex games, Praxis Kits were used to unlock and improve Adam Jensen?s augmented strengths and tools. It?s possible that players may easily access early progression boost in the upcoming game due to the upgrades. The new upgrades have been confirmed in Mankind Divided, so this might help players snag or progress to the the new upgrades early. Meanwhile, the 5000 Credits may just serve as early spending cash for in-game shops and other NPC transactions.

Lastly, players are also given early boosts in the game?s ?Breach? arcade mode. Players will be able to upgrade their characters in the arcade mode to easily progress and compete in the game mode?s leaderboards.

As for other bonuses, we?ll have to wait for an official release from Square Enix. The Deus Ex Mankind Divided Season Pass is filled with in-game items which could easily be achieved in one or two full playthroughs. If the Deus Ex Mankind Divided DLC missions? quality are no good, players can opt not to buy the Season Pass.

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