Deus Ex Mankind Divided Cheats: Top 3 Exploits To Avoid Purchasing New Augmentations

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Cheats

Despite being the latest game in the franchise, Deus Ex Mankind Divided still has a few exploits that players can use. These exploits easily allow players to bypass getting upgrades or give more tools for no augment runs. Here are some Deus Ex Mankind Divided cheats.

Moving Objects with People

This Deus Ex Mankind Divided cheat allows players to move heavy objects without the Optimized Musculature augment. Players just need to drag a body toward a heavy object, and it?ll be affected by the body itself. It?s possible that the game?s system prevents unconscious bodies to die from clipping through objects for Pacifist players. Most heavy items hide vents, shortcuts or even loot stashes which you can take. Use this cheat early in the game to get more items from these secret routes.

Icarus Box

In Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Adam Jensen uses his Icarus Landing to safely cushion his fall from high places. However, Grizbee?s thread on the Deus Ex Reddit shows that players can ride a falling object to prevent the fatal fall damage. To do this, simply drop a liftable object from a high place and hop on it on its way down. This trick allows you to bypass building floors if you?re aiming to leave the building.

Portable Cover

This Deus Ex Mankind Divided cheat allows you to have tactical positions in fights if you ever need a cover. The most optimal cover to bring are large items like big rectangular crates and refrigerators. In stealth, you can use this trick to extend your hiding spots.

For combat purposes, you can leave it on the ground for tactical cover placement. You can also use it as a shield when carried. Heavy objects can also damage or kill an enemy.

These Deus Ex Mankind Divided cheats are handy for no augment runs, speedrunners, and those who just want to save their Praxis Kits. No augment runs will almost always have to rely on stealth and every exploit for players to survive against hostiles. Meanwhile, speedrunners will rely on every glitch and exploit to find the shortest route to finish the game. However, it?s also possible that Square Enix may patch these Deus Ex Mankind Divided cheats, so use them while they?re still available.

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