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Detroit Become Human Release Date Reveal This Week?

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Detroit Become Human

Quantic Dream?s next project, the highly anticipated Detroit: Become Human, could be getting an official release date soon. The developer just announced on Twitter that it has a surprise planned for Thursday, 6 PM PST.

Detroit Become Human Annoucement Set For Tomorrow?

?What: a tweet announcement. When: This Thursday, 6 pm PST. What about: a surprise!? reads the tweet from?Quantic Dream?s account.

All signs seem to point to the announcement being a release date for the game, possibly one in 2016. Detroit: Become Human wowed gamers and critics alike when it was shown during Sony?s E3 press conference.

Set in a fictional, futuristic version of its namesake city, Detroit: Become Human is a third-person story-driven experience that revolves around the lives of several different sentient androids. Based on previous reveals, we know of at least two playable characters so far.

The first is Kara, a newly manufactured female android who is struggling to adapt to human society. The character first popped up way back in 2012 in a tech demo Quantic Dream produced for the PlayStation 3. She was also shown off in the debut trailer for Detroit: Become Human, which was shown during last year’s Paris Games Week.

The second playable character is Connor, the male android police detective who was featured in this year?s trailer. He specializes in hunting down fellow androids who have deviated from their pre-programmed artificial intelligence.

Like Quantic Dream?s previous games, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit?s narrative can go down many different paths depending on the player?s actions and decisions. The E3 2016 demo showed off the many different possible outcomes for one of Connor?s cases. You can definitely expect other characters to have similar branching stories filled with tough choices to make.

We?ll have more Detroit: Become Human news for you as soon as Quantic Dream makes the announcement.

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