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Detroit Become Human Release Date: 2017 Launch Trailer ‘a Mistake’, Says Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida; Media Molecule’s Dreams Not yet Confirmed This Year

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Detroit Become Human Release Date

Recently, the official PlayStation Europe trailer included the Detroit Become Human in its video of upcoming games this 2017. However, Sony?s Shuhei Yoshida admits that this inclusion was ?a mistake? which leaves the game to have an uncertain release date. Will Detroit Become Human be released this year?

2017 PlayStation Games

According to Sony?s 2017 lineup teaser video, Detroit Become Human is included. Fans took this as a confirmation that Quantic Dream?s game is coming this year. However, the studio hasn?t announced the official Detroit Become Human release date.

Yoshida Debunks

When some fans asked Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter if the 2017 release date is true, he confirmed that the inclusion of?Detroit Become Human in the teaser video was a mistake. This leaves the true release date a mystery. At best, Quantic Dreams may announce the Detroit Become Human release date first or the game might miss a 2017 launch.?

Other Games with Unsure Release Dates

A lot of other PS4 exclusive games don’t?have release dates as of now. Sony?s new God of War that introduces the Kratos to the Norse Mythology still doesn?t have an official release date as of now. Bend Studio?s Days Gone which features survivors in a zombie apocalypse also doesn?t have an official release date. Perhaps, we may hear of their appearance on the next large Sony appearance in the coming months.

During the PlayStation Experience last 2016, Yoshida announced that they?ve learned from announcing release dates too early. So far, most of their announced titles like Gravity Rush 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn have been delayed, which may have disappointed and annoyed many of their fans. It?s possible that the next release date announcements will be solid and reliable instead of worrying about an impending delay when the release date is nearing.

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Media Molecule Dreams Beta

Other than the upcoming games from known developers, the 2017 beta release of the PS4 game from Media Molecule, Dreams, has yet to be announced too. For now, Media Molecule hasn?t given a specific release date for the full game or its beta version. According to their official blog, the beta is scheduled for this 2017 but no official announcements have been made about it. Even if it?s included in the 2017 teaser video, it might be best to simmer down expectations up until Media Molecule announces the beta dates.

Detroit Become Human So Far

In the Detroit Become Human?E3 2016 trailer, the story is told through Connor, an android that negotiates with a renegade android taking a child hostage. Players are shown different outcomes in which Connor successfully convinces the android to stand down, fails and the android takes a suicide with the child, or signals a sniper to shoot the android. The trailer hints of robot consciousness and exploring it as the players play the game. Technically, Detroit Become Human is one of Director David Cage?s work so fans can expect a journey founded on meaningful decision-making as its core game design.

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