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Detroit Become Human: 2000-Page Script Was A ‘Nightmare’ To Write, Says Director

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Detroit Become Human Lengthy Script
Detroit Become Human Protagonist Marcus (E3 2017 Trailer)

Detroit Become Human has multiple playable protagonists, all of whom impact the overall narrative of the game. Decisions you choose with each character also brings forth multiple narrative branches and outcomes. While Detroit developer Quantic Dream has already tackled this type of storytelling in the past, according to its director, it’s far more complex than anything they have worked on.

“I’ve been writing these kind of scripts for nearly 20 years, so I have some experience, but I must confess that Detroit has been by far the most complex script I’ve ever written and it took me three years,” Detroit Become Human director David Cage said during the PlayStation Blog E3 stream.

Cage said writing the script for Detroit was a “nightmare” due to its complexity. Not only was it difficult to pull off, he had to work on a pretty lengthy script. “Final script is about 2,000 pages. It’s really huge. In comparison, a film is about 100 pages,” said Cage. Obviously, voice acting, animations and a lot more stuff are also factored in, hence why it’s complex.

Multiple outcomes for Detroit Become Human

3 Playable Characters

Aside from multiple outcomes, having plenty of playable characters contributed to the large script. The game’s presentation at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference revealed that a total of three characters would become playable in the game. While having a number of characters seems like one of the reasons why Detroit Become Human was a “nightmare” to write, this wasn’t the case for Cage. “There are many stories that I want to tell and I just try to create this narrative space that’s a bit abstract, in which the player is able to evolve and tell his own story,” Cage said.

Detroit Become Human will launch exclusively on the PS4. Despite the game showing up at E3, a release date was not mentioned in the conference. We’ll likely get more details about the game at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event later this year in December.

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