Destiny’s Endgame Content: A Mystery That A Player Needs To Uncover

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Have you been playing Bungie?s Destiny? If so, then you are probably on your way to completing the game. You may also be wondering what?s in store for you once you successfully finish it. This is a question that many people are longing for an answer. Fortunately, Bungie has already made a response.

According to reports, Bungie is planning something big for Destiny?s endgame content. One of these is the inclusion of raids in the game. They will be like the raids that other top notch MMO games feature: exciting, challenging, and demanding. Players would need to use their smarts and wits to strategize. They will also need to ?bury the hatchet? and cooperate with other gamers so that the raids can be completed.

Here?s the catch though. The raids are only for players who have been able to achieve high levels. ?Those who manage to complete the endgame content will reap humongous rewards, something that makes Destiny all the more exciting.

Seeing that the games have been designed with high-level players in mind, you should already expect that they will be very complex and difficult to complete. It may take you several tries before you can move on.

Bungie’s Luke Smith has something to say about the subject. In an interview, he said that the game?s developer wants Destiny players to create and develop teams that would want to work and collaborate together. He said that, ?It’s a bit of a risk, because the activity requires you to have a group of five other friends to play with. [But] if the worst thing that happens is you get your group together and you all have a great time? Wow, that’s going to be awesome. I bet you’ll want to come back. Hopefully the gear makes you want to come back.”

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