Destiny: Why You Should Choose The Warlock

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If you have been playing Bungie?s Destiny Beta for quite some time using all three different classes, you should be aware by now that the Warlock is the best among the others.

But if you?re not, then let us tell you why.

The Warlocks are Destiny?s Space Adventurers

These space wizards have long researched the Traveler?s light, while mastering some of their bizarre powers. And although the Warlock?s true purpose still remains undisclosed, its desire for truth and wisdom has always been the major driving force behind this space wizard?s journey to the unknown. They use a combination of modern weapons and magic? granted by their wisdom of the Traveler.

The Warlocks are Destiny?s Jedi Knights

Warlocks are described as space wizards by Bungie, taking influences from Lord Of The Ring?s Gandalf, The Matrix?s Morpheus and Star Wars Jedi Knights. From a design perspective, the Warlocks retro-like military outfit are designed from the concept of World War 1 soldier?s clothes, which is by the way badass looking if I may say so myself.

The Warlocks Posses Awesome Powers

The Voidwalker is the initial subclass of the Warlock, which possess a nova bomb skill and an awesome explosive bolt of energy that can eradicate all foes within its proximity. The melee damage attack of the Voidwalker can drain your enemy?s energy, and it decreases cool down periods of grenade weapons. Upgrading this skill will enable you to regain part of your health or boost the speed of your movement after defeating enemies.

The Sunsinger is the Warlock?s second subclass which will only be available after you reach the level of fifteen. It has a super radiance ability which increases the effectiveness of all your different abilities in a short period of time, and the scorch melee attack, one of the most effective abilities of the Sunsinger – ignites its enemies, letting them burn for a period of time.


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