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Destiny Weekly Reset For March 15: Nightfall, King?s Fall, And Court Of Oryx

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The coming of a new Tuesday brings with it your regularly scheduled Destiny server reset. With the game in a pretty severe content drought as of late, it?s highly likely that this week?s new offerings won?t be that different from what you?ve already been playing. Hopefully we get some news regarding Bungie?s spring update plans sooner rather than later. For now, you?ll have to make do with this week?s challenges.

Nightfall Strike

This week?s nightfall strike is Shield Brothers with the modifiers Epic, Solar Burn, Berserk, Specialist and Juggler. The modifier list means that you can expect to see several highly aggressive, shielded enemies that will not flinch. Juggler will force you to rotate between weapons constantly, which should tie in nicely with the Specialist modifier. Make sure you have a Solar damage secondary equipped to maximize your damage output.

King?s Fall

The King?s Fall raid features the Warpriest challenge. To complete it, Fireteams must ensure that a different player holds the Aura of the Initiate during each damage phase. The rewards for completing this week?s challenge include the possibility of a 320/310 Light level Sniper or a 320/310 light level heavy weapon from the raid loot table.

Court of Oryx

The Court of Oryx challenge tier 3 boss this week is none other than Balwur. Veterans of this encounter will know that most of the area where the fight takes place is covered in poison. Fireteams must focus on taking down the Major Acolytes that spawn throughout the fight in order to create safe patches of ground to fight on.

That pretty much covers it for this week. What do you think? Are these challenges enough to get you through another week of Destiny? Or is it about time we got some new content from Bungie? Let us know in the comments below.


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