Destiny Update: Skill-Based Matchmaking Bids Farewell

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One of the Destiny player base?s most requested changes was finally implemented this week. Last Tuesday, as part of the the weekly server reset, Bungie rolled out a Destiny update that does away with the game?s controversial skill-based matchmaking in multiplayer.

Bungie?Hotfixes Destiny Matchmaking

?We’re deploying new settings for how we introduce players to their opponents and teammates in the Crucible. Matchmaking now operates with connection quality as the top priority,? said Bungie in the announcement. The official patch notes read:

  • ??????Updated all of the matchmade Crucible playlists to make use of the higher priority on latency settings
  • ???????Enabled Damage Referee for all Crucible playlists

Bungie introduced skill-based matchmaking across all Crucible playlists last December. The actual system was included in the Taken King expansion that was released in September 2015. Once the game went live, it began gathering player data so it would be able to accurately group players according to their in-game ability.

?One of the bigger complaints we received during Year One was that you could get into very lopsided matches in the Crucible. The long-term solution was always to retool the entire skill matching system under the hood so players would have much closer matches,? reasoned Bungie in their letter to players.

Unfortunately, prioritizing skill led to many games having less than ideal network environments. Upon the system?s launch, Destiny discussion forums were bombarded with irate gamers suffering from terrible connections and unplayable lag. Numerous reports of teleporting players, poor hit detection, and bullets bending around corners effectively cancelled out whatever benefits skill-based matchmaking was supposed to bring.

What?s your experience with the Destiny update so far? Has Bungie really improved the Crucible experience with this latest hotfix? Let us know in the comments below and keep it right here on The BitBag for more Destiny news.


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