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Destiny Update: New Subclasses Bungie Should Introduce

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We already know that Destiny is getting a big update later this year, with a full sequel set to follow in 2017. It?s safe to assume that these additions to the Destiny franchise will be packed to the brim with new content. One thing essential to games of Destiny?s ilk are classes. The current pool of three main classes and nine subclasses is already pretty deep, so how else can Bungie introduce diversity into the game in future releases?

Destiny Goes Dark

A redditor known as MetalBeerSolid on the official Destiny subreddit has an interesting idea for a Destiny update: why not split Guardians into light and dark factions? The struggle between the two sides is the game?s central conflict, so allowing players to experience the fight from both sides seems like a logical idea.

?Light and Dark would act more like different schools/disciplines you train under – Light abilities being fueled by the Traveler and led by the Speaker, while Dark abilities would be channeled via the Darkness and taught by The Nine or Osiris… in exchange for shady backdoor deals,? he said.

He stressed that the two sides will not be against each other like the factions in an MMO such as World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is simply a way to introduce new classes that is aligned with Destiny?s existing lore and backstory.

?Imagine these Darkness powers being similar to what Toland and Dredgen Yor tried toying with, but were consumed? where they failed, you must succeed,? the Reddit post further reads.

Destiny Update

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The redditor even went as far as creating some detailed breakdowns of what the ?dark? subclass of each main class would look like. To see the rest, check out this link.

What do you think? Do you want to see Darkness become a tool we can wield in a Destiny update? Let us know in the comments below.

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