Destiny Update: New PS4 And Xbox One Hotfix Increases SIVA Key Fragment Drops, Tweaks Silver Dust, And More

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Destiny Rise of Iron

A new Destiny update has just gone live, bringing with it new changes to the game?s economy and drop rates. Patch is tweaking the Silver dust system to better reward players who are playing through Destiny Rise of Iron?s pinnacle challenges.

New Destiny Update Goes Live

Here?s what Bungie had to say in the?official Destiny forums😕?With this patch Trials, Wrath of the Machine, and Iron Lord Armor Ornaments will no longer require Silver Dust to apply. The Silver Dust requirement for applying Exotic Weapon Ornaments will remain, as the Silver Dust required for application is provided by the Radiant Treasure box.?

Other improvements coming in this update include minor tweaks to Skeleton Key drop rates in the Winter?s Run strike, bug fixes in the Skyline multiplayer map, and some changes to engram drop rates. According to Bungie, Vanguard and Crucible weapons were not decrypting at the intended rates in the previous patch.

On the raiding side of things, patch is introducing increased drop rates for SIVA fragment keys. Post-patch, killing a raid boss on normal difficulty for the first time will reward players with three key fragments. The second kill will grant two key fragments, while the third will award one. No more key fragments will be awarded after the fourth or greater kill. Players will have to wait until the weekly reset in order to earn keys again. The same format will be used in Heroic difficulty as well.

That pretty much covers it. Are you happy with these changes? Was Bungie right to label this a ?quality of life? patch? Let us know your thoughts on the latest Destiny update in the comments below.?For more Destiny Rise of Iron news, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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