Destiny Update: New Matchmaking Settings in Skirmish, New Nightfall in Weekly Reset

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Destiny developer Bungie is always keen on providing players with the best experience in the multiplayer shooter. As such, Bungie is always looking to make minor improvements to ensure that players do not encounter issues in Destiny. Bungie?s latest improvement in Destiny is focused on matchmaking one game mode at a time.

According to a tweet posted on the official Twitter account of Bungie, the new matchmaking setting is already implemented in one of Destiny?s playlists. The connection-based settings were first made available in the Iron Banner last week, and Bungie has made it available in Skirmish as well. Bungie said that they are analyzing the new setting first before applying them to more playlists.

Bungie is looking to replace the skill-based matchmaking model after several complaints by players. Some fans have reported averages changes in the Iron Banner, but some issues are still prevalent as well.

Meanwhile, Destiny?s weekly reset is here once again to provide fans with new challenges. This week?s Nightfall is with Cerberus Vae, VG247 reports.

Its modifiers include Specialist, Fresh Troops, Exposure and Trickle. Specialist adds damage to special weapons. Fresh Troops, on the other hand, adds more units to enemy squads. Exposure halts shield regeneration. Lastly, Trickle reduces the recharge rate of abilities.

This week?s tier 3 boss in the Court of Oryx is Balwur. Balwur is a tough boss as the surrounding area is toxic. The easiest way for players to take down Balwur is by killing enemies to create some room to stand on.

Lastly, this week?s King?s Fall raid challenge is none other than the Warpriest.

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