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Destiny Update: List Of Problems Bungie Needs To Fix

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It?s been a few years, but Destiny continues to be a love it or hate it type of experience for many gamers. While it didn?t live up to the hype as many expected grand things from Halo developer Bungie, it was and is still a solid first-person shooter that many online players still enjoy to this day.

That being said, Destiny continues to suffer from various bugs and glitches after its original release. These problems were so big, a forum in Reddit has been made and continues to get regular updates on how many issues there are in the game.

Fans are quite grateful that Bungie takes the time to address a number of issues per update, but the developer also tend to ignore some issues that have been around for a while. Percs like Firefly and Luck in the Chamber tend to crash the game, while Sunbreaker Hammers detonate too early, resulting in zero damage done to opposing players, mostly when they?re mid-air.

Other issues pointed out by Gaming Bolt include the reduced Crucible drop rates, scope inconsistency and the message bug when equipping the Armor of Vows among others. Considering that Destiny is suffering from even more problems than these shows that Bungie needs to work on the game more seriously

To be fair, managing a huge online game like Destiny can?t be easy. The game has only gotten bigger with its numerous expansion packs, like the acclaimed Taken King DLC. There?s also the fact that there don?t seem to be any bug-free online games, which most online players have learned to live with.

Still, Bungie can do better than that. The developer does regularly updates their game, which is a good and admirable thing to do. It seems like the company has a long way to go, before addressing most, if not all, of these Destiny issues.

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