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Destiny Update: Golden Gun Buff, Remove Light from Class Items, And More Fixes Requested By Fans

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Destiny February update detailed

With Destiny?s spring update fast approaching, fans have been active in voicing out their suggestions for the game. Arriving April 12, Bungie?s latest patch promises a host of new content, including an increase to the light cap, new weapons and armor to collect, and some new improvements to the Crucible.

The Best Destiny Fan Suggestions

Bungie will go over each aspect of the Destiny update in a series of livestream presentations happening every Wednesday from this week until its release date. Hopefully, some of these fan suggestions make it into the final product, because they happen to be pretty sensible.

The first idea comes from Reddit user FM2M who want a simple, quality-of-life addition added to the Crucible: not being given a loss when you join into a game late. ?I’ve had three games this weekend where I literally joined in at the loss screen, and as someone who cares about overall stats, it’s stupid that that actually counts as an L for me,? he complained. Other top-tier AAA shooters like Call of Duty and TitanFall have systems in place to prevent unfair losses from being tallied, so why can?t Destiny?

A more drastic idea was suggested by another Reddit user, JamewThrennan. He wants class items to return to being simply cosmetic pieces. ?You removed Faction Class Items that were needed to gain rep so we could wear what we want. Then you went back on that and tied our level to what should be a cosmetic choice. You can keep the perks and the Int/Disc/Str but please remove Light Level on them,? he said, addressing Bungie.

For class changes, user mudflapjesus wants to see the Gunslinger?s Golden Gun super buffed up a little to improve it in PvE situations in the Destiny update. A commenter on the thread suggested making one of the shots a guaranteed critical, which was hailed by many as a smart buff.

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