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Destiny Update: Fourth Subclass Confirmed?

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With Destiny in the midst of a pretty big content drought, fans have gotten really creative in their attempts at coming up with things they want to see in future Destiny updates and expansions. One of the topics that garners the most discussion is new classes. Bungie has already confirmed that more Destiny is coming, with a second major expansion coming later this year and a full sequel dropping in 2017.

Could this be the Fourth Destiny Subclass?

Naturally, players have begun speculating on how future Destiny games might handle the introduction of new classes. Last week, we featured a cool ?Dark subclass? concept originally posted on the official Destiny Subreddit. This week, the Reddit community is at it again with another cool subclass idea. This time, it?s based on the idea of Destiny?s four major elements.

Currently, Destiny?s three main classes ? the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan – each have three subclasses, one corresponding to each of Destiny?s three main damage types: Solar, Arc, and Void. Reddit user Logz_11 believes that the inevitable fourth subclass will be based on the fourth fundamental force of the universe: weak nuclear energy. Here?s his explanation:

?I submit that the three elemental types are based upon the four fundamental forces of the universe: electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and gravity. Arc fits nicely within electromagnetism, solar within strong nuclear force (which is the mechanism by which protons and neutrons are bound), and void would fall into gravitational force.?

Now, what could be an accurate representation of weak nuclear force? The top commenter on the thread, Whatevs-4, believes that the fourth subclass could be a ?poison? based class. He reasons that weak nuclear force is responsible for nuclear decay/radiation poisoning. In video games, this sort of effect is often translated as a damage-over-time (DoT) debuff where players slowly have their health whittled away.

Could his theory be true? Will we see a DoT subclass for each of the main classes included in a Destiny update some time down the road? We?ll have to wait and see.

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