Destiny: The Taken King Updates To Watch Out For: Legendary Swords, Refer-A-Friend Feature & More

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Yes, more updates for The Taken King is coming your way.

The major expansion of Destiny will be getting another major update since its release last September. There are reports that indicate that The Taken King will be receive some updates that would expand the gameplay experience of the fans, and some these are fixes that fans have been voicing out for a while.

One of these updates that is supposed to be expected by the end of the month is the ability to purchase Legendary Swords from the Crucible Handler Lord Shaxx. However, in order to unlock the ability to purchase them, players with possession of at least one sword which was leveled up to exotic level through the means of accomplishing a certain series of quests will be eligible in purchasing legendary swords from Lord Shaxx.

The update will also include the Refer-a-friend feature, which we previously mentioned. This feature allows veteran players to invite new players to play Destiny and both of them will received special in-game loot when they met certain conditions while playing together.

Another addition will be a whole new quest for The Taken King, the new ?A Tale of Two Guardians? quest will have new legendary gear and new emoticons for players to use. The new quest will also feature a new ghost shell called the Iron Shell, which can provide bonuses of increased extractors, sensors and glimmers. This quest is also tied with the Refer-a-friend feature that can provide additional bonuses.

Aside from these quests, there are also more some daily missions such as ?In the Pushing Back the Darkness? and the Daily Heroic Story is required to be accomplished with your linked friend as well as some of the new Weekly Nightfall Strike missions. However the The More Tales to Tell and Our Own Story missions, you don?t need to complete these with a linked friend.

Destiny: The Taken King is already available for the home consoles.

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