Destiny The Taken King Review: A Polished Experience That Finally Delivers On Its Promises

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Does Destiny The Taken King finally fulfill on its promises? Is it worth it to spend more money to improve your gaming experience? According to Destiny The Taken King review from critics, big improvements and tweaks have been made to justify another purchase. Almost all critics gave the game a positive score and here?s why.

Better Narrative

According to Destiny The Taken King reviews, the characters have now been given more personality. Further, the storytelling is now more interesting with a more compelling story as well as a clear and interesting villain. Listening to Ghost is also now more enjoyable?as Nolan North (Uncharted) has now replaced Peter Dinklage as the character?s voice actor.

Gameplay Tweaks

The UI and gameplay mechanics has now been refined. The loot system has been fixed so it is now easier for you to get greater rewards. And the game now finally fixes many of the game?s problems which irritated users, reviewers wrote. However, grinding to get better rewards in the latter part of the game is still prevalent, reviewers stated.

Destiny The Taken King Review Roundup

The latest expansion from destiny currently has an average score of 85?on Metacritic based on 31 critics? reviews. Here are some reviews and verdict from the media:

IGN ? 9/10

Destiny The Taken King?is an awesome upgrade that’s addressed most of my biggest problems with Destiny over the past year. The rewarding loot system, fun enemies, new subclasses, and many quests have kept me busy long after the strong story missions ended. The crown jewel is King’s Fall, a demanding high-level activity that, despite the strict six-person requirement, will keep me playing into the late hours of the night.

US Gamer? 90/100

The Taken King is a huge improvement over last year’s release. It features a far better story, much stronger voice acting, more exciting and varied missions, and an endgame that is more rounded out for long-term play. Not only that, but it also refines the overall gameplay and makes the game a far better experience than before – one that is definitely worth playing.

Gameplanet? 90/100

The Taken King is one helluva good apology for the mediocre mis-start that was 2014’s Destiny. All of our grievances have been addressed in some way. The loot system is fairer and more sensical, there’s an actual story worth emotionally investing in, plus the combat’s had an adrenaline shot thanks to new enemies, gats to gather, and exciting new subclasses.

God is a Geek? 85/100

It?s more of the Destiny that the fans love, with enough tweaks to keep them grinding for hundreds more hours to come. This is the game that Destiny should have released as, and there?s no doubt that people jumping into it for the first time are getting a great game, and a lot of it at that for a lovely low price, while dedicated players will enjoy themselves immensely while nursing their poor wallets back to health.

GameSpot? 80/100

The Taken King is more than just an expansion; it’s also a heart transplant. And with its wounds sewn shut, the anesthetic wearing off, and the scalpels put away to dry, Destiny has pulled through the operation with renewed vigor and a much stronger pulse. Now, only a few scars remain.

Toronto Sun? 80/100

One of the biggest criticisms levelled against Destiny from day one was its lack of a coherent storyline. The Taken King addresses that in a big way, with a dramatic opening cinematic, an easily understood narrative (very bad alien is assembling very large slave army to take over the solar system) and lots of lovely little character moments.

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