?Destiny: The Taken King? News: New Villain, Expansion, Perks Revealed In Cinematic Trailer

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The latest expansion to Destiny will greet you with a new villain and more content.

The new baddie that you will be taking on is Oryx, the Taken King. As he invades the Solar System along with his corrupted army in an attempt to take revenge on the Guardians that killed by son, Crota as well as destroying the worlds.

The latest trailer shows the cinematic prologue of the expansion showing Oryx as he readies himself and his army on his voyage to hunt down the Guardians that killed his son, you will also be able to take a glimpse on his giant ship, the Dreadnought and some of his minions. Let?s just say Oryx is one heck of a badass boss.

You can check out the cinematic trailer by playing the video below

Aside from the cinematic, another trailer has surfaced, showing some of the newest perks for the Guardians and telling the audience what it means to become a Guardian as the last line for the sake of Humanity. Each from the three class (Hunter, Titan and Warlock) will get a new skills and sub classes, and not to mention more set of weapons to loot.

One thing that will make players disappointed is the removal of the feature where you can boost your old legendary items for the latest expansion, meaning your current legendary gear will be locked at its current level. Bungie explained that this is to encourage players to try out new legendary items instead of just sticking to older ones.

The Taken King is promised to be a huge content expansion, including one of the biggest raid map called King?s Fall where you will be pitting against Oryx on his Deadnought ship.

You can continue to defend Earth in Destiny: The Taken King when it hit stores on September 15, 2015

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