?Destiny: The Taken King? New Expansion Shows Simple Leveling System, Recalibrated Weapon Stats, And More!

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With the upcoming expansion drawing closer on its release, let?s take a look at some of the changes that will be implemented in the game.

A recent Twitch streaming session was held by Bungie to showcase some of the features that we can expect to see in Destiny: The Taken King, and it will be different that from the previous DLCs like the House of Wolves and The Dark Below. Executive producer Mark Noseworthy, senior design lead Tyson Green, and community managers DeeJ and Cozmo were present at the livestream to showcase the mechanics of the character development and the refined gameplay elements in the game. So here are the changes that you will see in Destiny:

No more complicated leveling system

The newest change is with the leveling system, in the current game, once you reached level 20, your gear will be tied to your level since you can add Light points to your gear, so your effectiveness and accessibility to enemies and content will be based on your gear. Now your level and light will be separated, now your Light will be an indicator for the overall strength by the content of your gear.

Weapon stats and skills will be re-calibrated

Your old favorite gear will become obsolete as most of its stats will be downgraded. This encourages you to hunt for more gear in the new maps and mission in The Taken King, and most of the new content will be available once you reach the new level cap (40).

Expect new Exotic Blueprints

Exotic weapons will be getting a makeover, the new exotic gear can be built by using exotic shards and Glimmer. While some of your old exotic weapons can upgraded with increased attack power and some perks will be unlocked immediately.

Simplified currency

Most of the items used for crafting legendary weapons at the Tower will now be simplified. So changes such as the Vanguard and Crucible marks are now unified as Legendary marks. Upgrade materials have been simplified into one material as well.

Improved narrative

If you don?t like how the game story was explained during the campaign, in the Taken King, those will be changed. The game?s narrative will now be reframed, more lore will now be explained through quests, which will give you more backstory in some parts of the game.


Expect to see more game changes in Destiny once The Taken King expansion will be available to your home consoles on September 15

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