?Destiny: The Taken King? Gameplay: Tricks And Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Game

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With just a month to go before the release of the next expansion, here are some tips in playing Destiny for newcomers and veterans. We gathered some tips for first time Guardians to help them out in their journey to become Legends and a great refresher course for veterans who might want to go back to playing the game in preparations for the upcoming The Taken King expansion.


Don’t worry much on picking a character

No need to have a hard time deciding on which class to play, the only difference is the abilities that each calls will have. If you are still concern on the different abilities available, pick one that suits your playing style.

Make an Alt character

For veteran players, this is a must do. Creating alternative character per class will make your hunting for powerful gear easier especially when completing full raid gear. You can create two Titan characters if you are the hardcore.

Always team up

In Destiny, in order to complete missions faster, you better find some friends to play with, or if you don?t have friends playing Destiny, you can always look for other players. Just be sure to adjust your settings on your Fireteam privacy.


Target the head

Just like in other first-person shooters, landing a headshot can deal a lot of critical damage. So be sure to practice shooting at the head, it?s effective in clearing out low level mobs and even dealing major damage to bosses.

Make use of your other attacks

Never forget to use your class abilities, like the Titan?s ground pounding skill to clear out enemies that surrounds you or the Warlock?s superbomb ability to deal massive damage. You also have your grenades that replenishes over time, make use of that chance. Oh and don?t forget that your ammo can also replenish every 30 seconds when it is all empty.


Keep on looting

Just like in Diablo and Borderlands, Destiny has a ton of weapons to collect, so be sure to explore the whole area and check every corpse for items. Loot chests may be rare in the game, especially the Gold chest that spawns rare weapons, so keep an eye on that.

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Keep on upgrading

Every time you get a new item or leveled up, be sure to check your character page and check for any possible upgrades. Who knows you might found a legendary gear that boosts your character that helped you clear out a mission that is giving you a hard time.

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Complete side quests

If you want to rack up more exp to level faster or getting the best equipment, completing side quests can make it easier. Be sure to grab any available bounties whenever you go for patrol missions, they give a lot of exps for every complete bounties. Even when completing story quests, be sure to go back to the Vanguard NPC of your specific class once in a while, you might be able to trade rare gears for accomplishing certain goals.
And there you have it, we hope that this would give you a great start when playing Destiny or helping you remember some important stuff to do when return after a long absence.The upcoming Destiny: The Taken King will be available on September 15 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and 360.

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