?Destiny The Taken King? Expansion: Gamers Share Impressions After Trying Out The Game

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With the latest expansion now available in the market, so what were the impressions from players after trying out Destiny: The Taken King.

Aside from the version 2.0 massive patch update, the Taken King expansion for the MMO shooter Destiny has finally arrived, so how did the players feel on the massive changes and new content for the game? We list out the things that you can expect once you start playing Destiny: The Taken King.


Your old gear are obsolete

As expected to any online games, but this still gave players a real shock especially for the amount of effort and time to invest on getting the rarest equipment on the previous versions. As most of the rare gears are now overpowered by the newest level 30+ green and blue weapons once you set foot on the Taken King, some of your Exotic gear can still be upgraded to match well on the current gear, however grinding for Legendary Marks will to take a while. Though making everything make a fresh start on their gear is not a bad idea, as this encourage new players to feel more welcome and even veterans to have a different take on the game

New Class abilities

Another good reason to try out the Taken King is the new set of subclasses that show off their new set of abilities. And in order to unlock those, you need to accomplish a set of quests that focused on that particular feat, which breathes more gameplay experience to Destiny instead of just popping out on your menu or just talk to the NPC. And the new skills are pretty devastating on the battlefield, so it is really worth the effort to acquire it.


Taking on the story content

Yep, playing the expansion also means completing a new story arc in the game, and this focuses on exploring the Dreadnaught and Oryx the Taken King. AS the Dreadnaught has it some sort of hidden mystery that encourages you to explore more, the Taken are a bit challenging from your usual enemies, which encourages you to make use of your newly acquired skills and gear. And let?s not forget the ton of new quests that you can take for more EXPs and gear to loot.

More Strikes

The Taken King introduces three new Strikes where more players are in for another epic raid, this means more powerful bosses to dominate and more epic loot to collect. Strikes are also a good way to take a breather from the long exhausting story campaign and give players something engaging with more players to participate with. These latest Strikes are really good so be sure to equip yourselves with your most powerful gear and plan your play styles well.

Destiny: The Taken King is now available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Purchasing the Legendary Edition will get you the base game, the first two expansions and the Taken King expansion.

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