Destiny SIVA Key Fragments Bug: Cause of Issues Pinpointed By Bungie

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Destiny Rise of Iron

It looks like Bungie has found the source of the missing SIVA Key Fragments bug currently plaguing Destiny. In the game?s?latest weekly update, community manager David ?Deej? Dague detailed the possible causes of the glitch and the steps players can take to avoid it. Here?s what he said:

Bungie Aware Of Latest Destiny Bug

  • ????Players report that this may occur when leaving White Engrams containing SIVA Key Fragments within the game world when returning to Orbit or turning off a Console.
  • ????Players report that this may occur when SIVA Key Fragments within the Postmaster are removed, due to Postmaster inventory limits.

If you?ve had SIVA Keys mysteriously vanishing from your inventory, you might want to look into avoiding the scenarios detailed above. Deej didn?t give word on when this problem will be remedied, so stay vigilant for now.

Deej also mentioned that Bungie is aware of another SIVA Key Fragment issue that has popped up after update went live earlier this week. According to his report, players who participated in the Wrath of The Machine raid between 1am and 10am Pacific time on Tuesday, November 9, were not properly rewarded SIVA Keys. Deej did not explain how Bungie plans to compensate those affected. Stay tuned for more information.

Despite these issues, farming SIVA Key Fragments should be much easier with this new patch. Bungie has increased the item?s drop rate across the board, so it should be easy for you to make up any keys you may have lost due to these bugs.

Defeating a raid boss the first time in a week will grant you three SIVA Keys. The reward will then decrease by one key until no more are rewarded. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start raiding in Destiny.

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