Destiny Rise of Iron: Wrath of The Machine Raid Already Beaten by Clan Redeem

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Destiny Rise of Iron

Apparently, Destiny Rise of Iron Update?s latest raid is already been beaten. The expansion was officially released on Tuesday. However, the Wrath of the Machine rad wasn?t available alongside the expansion.

Destiny Wrath of The Machine Raid

The new raid was released on September 23. It is a six-man raid that went live at 10 AM. Furthermore, there?s no doubt that a race of who finishes first will surface.

Wrath of the Machine is one of the essential parts of Rise of iron. It will add new Crucible content, strikes, armor, weapons and more features. Unlike the other raids, Wrath of the Machine, which is part of Rise of Iron, is only available for next-gen consoles.

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Destiny Rise of Iron: Wrath of the Machine Raid Beaten!

Apparently, it didn?t take long before the Clan Redeem, beats the new raid. The clan achieved the World First for the Wrath of the Machine. FleshCrunch, PVT, Modern Tryhard, MagneticRubber, Snead and Ehroar was in the team.

Clan Redeem Raid Stats

Moreover, FleshCrunch who is Hunter level 40 has achieved 466 kills. PvT Nuclear is also a level 40 Hunter who achieved 355 kills. Modern Tryhard, a level 40 Titan has achieved 544 kills. Magnetic Rubber, also a level 40 Titan has also achieved 544 kills. Snead, a level 40 Titan achieved 492 kills. Finally, Ehroar who is also a level 40 Titan, achieved 378 kills.

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On the other hand, the tweet by Bungie has received mixed emotions from fans. Some were happy and some of them are visibly jealous. There were tweets about the boss not taking damage and much more.

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Rise of Iron DLC is available for $30 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Additionally. Players can also buy Destiny: The Collection which contains all the DLC in addition to the main game. For more information about Destiny Rise of Iron, stay tuned at TheBitBag.

Destiny Rise of Iron

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