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Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: Wrath of The Machine Guide

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This Destiny Rise of Iron guide will help the players beat the new raid. Apparently, Destiny players haven?t been given a new raid for a long time. In fact, the last raid was added alongside the The Taken King last year.

Meanwhile, Bungie has released a new raid for the players. In that case, Wrath of The Machine is the new raid. It is important to realize that this is similar to other raids.

In other words, the new raid requires skill and strategy to beat. Before immediately jumping into the raid, light level 370 is required. Another key point is that being a low level will make it more difficult.

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Players should level up first before entering. Given these points, the raid requires a team of six players. Even though it?s not required, a team of six will be in advantage.

Alongside the player?s level, equipment is important too. In addition to a light level of 370, quality weapons is required. Under those circumstances, players are now ready to tackle the raid.

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Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: Defeating Vosik

The first step is to sprint through the ground with lights. As a result, the players will gain a x4 Voltage Rising Buff. However, keep in mind that failing x4 buff is an immediate death.

Using two max charges against a generator will suffice. It will release some SIVA charges to be collected. For this reason, these SIVA charges will be used against Vosik.


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Throwing SIVA charges at Vosik will lower his shield. Until then, the players can fight him normally. In that case, players can throw as many SIVA charges as possible.

As a result, he will teleport out of battle almost dead. Players are then required to complete a platforming puzzle. After completing it, the second boss battle with Vosik will start.

However, Vosik will be invulnerable this time. In this case, players should focus on killing the Splicers. Hence, these Splicers will drop SIVA charges to be thrown at Vosik.

However, SIVA charges should all be thrown at the same time. If done correctly, a monitor should light up behind Vosik. As soon as the monitor lights up, the players should shoot it.

Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: Death Zamboni

Upon successfully killing Vosik, players should head towards another platform. Traveling across the platform is the next boss fight. Some of the players should immediately destroy the turrets.

Meanwhile, the other players should pick off the small enemies. Eventually, Zamboni?s weak point will be exposed upon destroying the turrets. During this time, players should attack its weak point until a platform falls.

As a result, the players will now be able to get on Zamboni. Players should ride Zamboni until it eventually smashes against a wall. Hence, pick up the Zamboni parts in order to ride it again and advance.

Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: Aksis

Apparently, there are two phases of battle against Aksis. In short, players should split into three teams of two. To sum up, each of the teams will take on each section of the boss fight.

The players are required to kill all the regular enemies. Upon killing all the regular enemies, an enemy captain will appear. Hence, killing the captain will drop a canon branded as Solar, Arc or Void.

Upon killing the Servitors, the players will gain SIVA Charges. These SIVA charges will be used on containment cores located on Aksis. Throw the SIVA charges at Aksis from time to time.

Aksis? shield will go down as a result. After breaking his shield, some of the players gain a max voltage buff. These players should spread across the room to the right, left and center.

Aksis will teleport on one of these locations. In that case, the nearest player should climb Aksis and unleash the voltage. Repeat the process and Aksis will eventually die.

Destiny Rise of Iron is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more Destiny Rise of Iron Guide, stay tuned at TheBitBag

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