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Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: Acquiring Skeleton Keys

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This Destiny Rise of Iron Guide will help the players acquire Skeleton Keys. Rise of Iron expansion was added last week. As a result, it brought a massive amount of content and features.

Apparently, the Skeleton Key is one of the added items. As can be seen, it is a new consumable that will help the player by boosting their light level and gain new loot.

Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: Skeleton Key

During Bungie?s Year 2, the company introduced the strike specific loot. With it, unique weapons and armor will drop randomly after beating Strike?s boss. However, the last expansion took away the said mechanics and replaced them.

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At the present time, players will have a guaranteed drop via chest every boss kill. However, this chest can only be opened via Skeleton Key. Furthermore, the Skeleton Key is not easy to come by.

Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: First Skeleton Key

On the other hand, acquiring the first Skeleton Key is easy. Completing quests and the main mission will eventually reward the players with one. However, acquiring a second one is the hard part.


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At the present time, players can look on strikes. Given that each Strike boss has a chance of dropping one. For instance, the new consumable will appear via small white engram.

However, the Skeleton Key?s Drop rate is surprisingly low than in Year 2. Under those circumstances, killing 20 strike bosses without dropping a single Skeleton Key is possible. Despite the low drop-rate, Skeleton keys are still worth farming.

Revamping Skeleton Key System?

As a matter of fact, Bungie?s Skeleton key system requires a lot of work. For instance, the player needs an Imago Loop, a same archetype handcannon like Fatebringer. The players can open the chest in any Vex Strike.

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In addition, if the players needs only the helmet. The players can complete the Malok Strike. At the present time, the RNG element is replaced by Skeleton key.

Skeleton key is in fact worse than the RNG. That being said, Bungie?s next move will be an interesting one. For more Destiny Rise of Iron Guide, stay tuned at TheBitBag

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