Destiny: Rise of Iron Exact Release Time and The Return of Shard Upgrades

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Destiny Rise of Iron is just around the corner. For the people who wants to play the game as soon as it unlocks, Bungie was able to confirm the exact time of the expansion?s arrival. According to Bungie?s website, they confirmed that Rise of Iron will be available at 2 AM PT or 5 AM ET.

Rise of Iron Expansion

Rise of Iron is the fourth expansion of Destiny. It follows the release of The Dark Below, which was unveiled way back in December of 2014, the House of Wolves that was released on May of 2015, and The Taken King, which was released in September of 2015.

Destiny Rise of Iron Expansion will feature a region covered in snow, The Plaguelands. The expansion will also feature a brand new campaign along with some new multiplayer content. The content costs $30 in most stores.


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Destiny: The Collection

Furthermore, Destiny: The Collection is also set to be released on the same day as Rise of Iron. The Collection will cost $60 and will contain the main Destiny game and all of the DLCs. Rise of Iron will also be included inside The Collection version.

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Unlike the previous release of the game?s expansions. Rise of Iron will only be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Shard Upgrade Mechanic Returning

The game has introduced some various mechanics and features that went pretty well. Take the raids?for instance, it made the game?s PVE very interesting. It also made the players grind for days just to get the specific item they?re looking for.

However, some of the features were taken negatively by the fans. The idea of leveling the gear up via Energy and Shards was removed. It was considered as a confusing process by the players.

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Eventually, Bungie removed the feature when the Taken King expansion was released. However, it appears that the function will be making its return during the Rise of Iron expansion, according to the item details from the upcoming Destiny update.

Shards will play an important role when upgrading the new Wrath of the Machine raid weapons. As of now, there is no concrete evidence of when will the weapons release. Furthermore, the ?SIVA Key fragments in Destiny, now plays the role of Shards.

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